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Sun, Aug. 5th, 2007, 07:18 pm
where did summer go?

wow i use this really often

i cant believe how quickly summer has already gone by.. i just got back from a week at the beach with merediths family and it finally hit me that, holy shit, i have no time left. i have so much to do, so much shopping left, so many people to hang out with before we all go our seperate ways and no time whatsoever. im trying to pack as much stuff into my schedule as i can but it seems like i wont get to do everything i wanted to this summer. good thing i didnt go out and get a real job otherwise thatd take over my life too.

senior week was a freaking blast and i wish i could relive it. i didnt really know what to expect going in because living with 8 other girls for a week seemed a little crazy, but it was awesome. our place was a shithole when we first got there because apparently the kids before us had a *good* time and went a little crazy, but its all good because the place eventually got cleaned up and the woman felt bad and gave us all money back at the end of the week. i cant even describe the rest of the week other than the fact that it was amazing, and a bit crazy but i wouldnt have it any other way.

im still in shock that its already august and i leave in just over two weeks. i kinda feel bad that i havent been around much to hang out with my family. it seems like my parents are so afraid that im going to end up moving to pittsburgh for good that they havent really been laying down any rules for this summer, as if being the cool parents and letting me do whatever i want will make me more inclined to come home.. i come and go as i please, stay out late or sleep over at somebodys house, wake up late and start it all over again. its kinda a sweet deal but i can tell alyssa is starting to get lonely. i love my family and everything but i dont think ill get tooo homesick next year-- alyssas gonna be the only one i truly miss. ive been trying to get some good ole fashioned bonding time in with her-- went shopping today and then of course theres girls weekend at the beach coming up. its gonna be so weird sharing a room with a complete stranger next year and not my dorky sister!

Fri, May. 18th, 2007, 09:38 pm

i love missing classes all day to kill people/paint faces/go to dont do dat all flippen day. ok but seriously jt id love to know how you guys convinced dooley to take you to dont do dat. because thats like totally against his religion.

um so i went to get a pedicure today and it definitely took over 2 hours. and they spoke in asian the whole time. it makes me feel so awkward =\

i convinced my mommy to take my shopping and buy me some cute summery dresses for graduation/grad parties since i saved her like $200 on a prom dress. i was quite surprised she went for it! next step, convincing  her to let me go to baltimore... =)

reasons why kamor gets cooler by the second: he was talking about sushi the other day. yes you and rich are the same person.

soo 5.25 is looking like quite the busy day! going to see pirates when it comes out at midnight and yea i will most definitely be dressed up. because i am that hardcore. and unless i messed up my days i believe im teacher aiding for kamor that day, and if not ill just go harass him anyways. like for the fact that i doubt hes giving blood because he is a baby. yeah. (speaking of giving blood.. i see they finally put up the signs for the blood drive, including the one of the sexy biker man that i stole last year <3 i need to get more for my collection) but we can go in and be like KAMOR GUESS WHERE IM GOING IN .030239058 HRS. and he'll be like 'o thats cool ill take u guys if u want b/c i really need to meet my twin and see how much better looking/canadian he is' anddddd jillian if i counted right i do believe we will get to see haren pitch!! so at least the a's didn't fail us completely... other than the fact that they all died.

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 11:29 pm

kamor is officially  my favorite person ever <3 seriously, best teacher ever. not only does he give me my daily dosage of sassage/hilariousness, but also phils tickets. so yayy kamor

so glad to finally have my kitchen partially back in order. both the family room and kitchen floors are in and they look superrr. the walls in the family room are 3/4 of the way done, so as soon as thats finished we can finally move the couch out of the dining room and back where it belongs, along with the tv. um and the new fridge and stove came today..one more- monsterous. i feel like a midget standing next to the fridge. but yay for finally being able to cook real food again! i never thought id get so sick of eating out/pizza. but yea apparently pizza 3 times in 7 days was too much for me...

um so ive been driving around my dads car recently since alys has been driving all over the place so maybe she can finally get her license. and yeah im not gonna lie i love it. sans the fact that i feel like a spoiled daddys girl driving around in a beamer, its quite glorious. but then i have to go back to driving my car and that always sucks. o well.

5.25 in 2 1/2 weeks =O

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 12:14 am

i love putting off hw until sunday nights and then 11 o'clock rolls around and i decide not to do it but i still dont go to bed. gotta love being a senior..

so i really have to find something to do with all my spare time because ive been so bored recently that i've started spending my 5.25 money! =O! that would just be horrible if i spent it all, esp since ive been saving for so long. so yea thats gotta stop.

six flags the other day was amazing, besides the whole sunburn thing. buttt at least im not as burnt as other people. kinda bummed that some of the roller coasters werent running, but at least i got to kingda-ka before it broke down like 2938450 times/before there was a 2 hr wait. ok but it was so hilarious seeing kamor in real people clothes doing real people things like waiting in a line for the best roller coaster on earth. jt, his jeans were extra spicy and i was gonna take a pic for you but i woulda felt like a creepy stalker.
we actually got home on time *yay for no traffic and a speed racer bus driver* so thats always good. plus it meant that i wouldnt be incredibly late for el concierto and i actually had time to stop home and grab some food and change in something other than a persons car.
soo we got to the concert (after getting incredibly lost in lancaster.. screw you mapquest) in time to see the last song of one of the opening bands + all of another, which is good because my feet couldnt stand there to see 4 opening bands, and THEN cartel. but anyways, the matches were pretty good and got everybody pumped up for cartel. everybody rushed off to get refreshments and such after they were done which is pretty dumb on their part, but whatever because that meant i could make my way closer to the front. cartel finally came on at like 9:45 *um yea the concert started at six.. good thing i wasnt worried about being on time..* and they were even more fan-freaken-tastic than last year. got to hear some of their new stuff that theyre recording in a few weeks, so thats pretty exciting! afterwords everybody peaced out super quick, but i stuck around and ended up running into jon from the matches =D he is such a spicy man. so yeah i got to take a picture with him and talked to him for a bit, he seems like a really awesome down to earth guy. yayy. 
um but yea coming home at like 12:30 dummy gets pulled over for speeding RIGHT AT THE FLIPPIN EXIT. we would have been home in 5 minutes rather than 15 mins later.. i couldnt help but laugh because i was contemplating bringing michaels radar detector but mere insisted we'd be fine b/c no cops are ever on 30 *which is usually true*. but oh well, you learn from your mistakes i guess. im just glad i wasnt the one driving otherwiseeeeee id be dead right now hah.  butttt other than that and the whole lack-of-voice things, this was def the best birthday present in all the land <3 that is of course until mi padre finds the time to take my car in to get a sunroof <3333

hmm maybe bed would be a wise idea right about now...

Mon, Apr. 23rd, 2007, 10:00 pm

18th birthday festivities have so far been a success! =)

relay for life was awesome <3 i couldnt have asked for better weather. i was getting so nervous that itd be either 2degrees out or raining.. granted it did drop into the 30s at night but i stayed warm =) ursinus actually had some really cool stuff planned that we never had at our relay.. such as a 3am game of root beer pong, karaoke, and a mr/miss relay pagent. plus my team got together the most intense games of twister i have played in my entire life and after winning my round and entering the finals, i came out victorious and was eventually crowned the ultimate twister champion. so that was fairly exciting. and lets not forget  the fact that we leapfrogged the entire length of the track at 8 in the morning (after eating cake for breakfast) only to lose the most creative lap to some dumb sorority that decided 3/4 of the way through the lap that theyd stop walking and start "swimming". uh yea that was lameo. we ended up raising a shitload of money for a good cause, so im pretty proud that i wasnt selfish and spent one of my most important birthdays doing something helpful <3

got home on saturday and was exhausted so i changed into my bathing suit and slept outside and got burnt for the first time in pretty much ever. so thats a bummer. came inside and slept some more, than finally cleaned up enough to go out to manayunk for the evening...

i attempted to buy myself a birthday present (my hubbys shirt) on sunday but yea i walked into mo's and then got instantly exhausted just by looking at the immense amount of jerseys i would have to look through. so i started to look but all i found was chut and ryan, so i got discouraged and left. maybe some other time!

ew i went to the drs this morning and was hoping to be in and out before school even started.. but no it definitely took a good hour because theyre like hmm i think we're gonna be super slow today b/c nicole has to present a dumb bio proj first period so we're gonna take just long enough for her to miss that class. so that was lame because than i walk into bio lab and thompson harasses me for missing my presentation and everyone has to drop what theyre doing to listen. but at least its finally done and over with, and thompson seemed to like my dumb brain that i had to make so all is well in the world. plus i got 3 different meds to take so now i can finally breathe! take THAT pollen!

hopefully this week isnt as hectic as last week, otherwise im thinking i need a "mental health" day.. or perhaps a shady visit?

umm ps. jt we need to start making our 5.25 plans =) last year we were all over this shiot. only one more month of planning!! =O

Sun, Apr. 8th, 2007, 10:32 pm

oi, i'm so not looking forward to school tomorrow. although spring break was quite lovely and this is the first time i felt like i actually got something accomplished, it was way too short. theres still so much to do! kinda sucks that there was only like two nice days, but at least i got to relax, catch up on sleep, and de-stress.

finally got mi madre to go out to pitt <3 although she wouldn't flat out admit it, she loved it so yay now im happy. she can't complain about it anymore because she knows how kickass the school is and how even though its a city, its not really a city / i'll be safe there.  i keep getting more and more excited for college.. all these little visits are such a tease. only one more visit during the summer before im there for good! aaaand i have a job for next year so yay money!

i made a random trip out to ursinus college w/ mere the other night for some relay thing. looking at the directions it seemed like it was just an easy 30 min drive, but we soon found out we had to take all these shiesty roads through bumble and then couldnt find our way back since a lot of the roads were one-way streets. whoops. also momentarily lost my car in the parking lot, so that was lots of fun hah

um i saw meet the robinsons in 3D the other night and it was flippin AWESOME. i felt like such a d-bag though since we were the oldest people there and mikey and i were the only ones laughing. the 3d glasses were so cool--not the normal lameo ones they usually give you. ill probably wear them all the time, only not really.

easter was good <3 baby tyler just keeps getting bigger and bigger! the kids were adorable during the easter egg hunt, but it was weird being the one hiding the easter eggs and not hunting for them; made me feel so olddddd. but such is life i guess. celebrated all the april birthdays tonight too, so it was nice getting that outta the way. and now im rolling in money =) helloooo 5.25!!

ugh i hate the fact that i have to be up early tomorrow =\

Tue, Mar. 27th, 2007, 10:06 pm


however this weather is quite lovely!! spring break come sooner please.

so our physics student teacher old man started today and i already like him 48913516x better than schwenk. he printed out all these helpful studyguides and worksheets so yay! hopefully i wont fail this last marking period!

Mon, Mar. 19th, 2007, 11:25 pm

things i hate:
1. douchebag bio teachers who think that everyone in the class is suffering from senioritis, and that's why we all failed a test. hello are we forgetting the numerous amounts of overachievers in that class (juniors and seniors) who all failed? senioritis my ass, maybe you should learn to teach.
2. previously mentioned bio teacher who is making us get said "quest..its a combination of a quiz..and test!" *um hello cause we've never heard of a quest before?* SIGNED. are we 5? no? thats what i thought.
3. physics. no need to expand on this.
4. shoveling 1894516546 lbs of ICE. what a great way to spend the weekend!
5. this weather.. make up your mind! allergies one day, frostbite the next

things i love:
1. orange juice. thank you for helping me somewhat accomplish my "give up soda for lent" goal.
2. "helping" move couches..aka gather the money that has been lost under the couch for a decade now. i am now $0.67 richer. thatll buy me a pack of gum!
3. people filling up my gas tank
4. life lessons with dooley.
5. last lunch..i never thought id say this but its the best thing ever. especially when the weather sucks and we get out right after last lunch, and i can convince my sister to be a badass for once and skip a class so we can leave earlier than everyone else.
6. baseballseason<3

HA PS. im was doing my research paper on epilepsy and for some reason this disease popped up called "maple syrup urine disease". i thought maybe it was something canadian but apparently it has to do with the mennonites in lancaster and all the incest. rock on.

Thu, Mar. 1st, 2007, 05:24 pm

im kinda failing at this whole "give up soda for Lent" thing. whoops. im glad im really good when it comes to commitments

so glad my room is finally back in order <3 it was all torn up for weeks and got kinda obnoxious, especially when i had to sleep on the couch for a week straight. butttt its all finished now and looks ridiculously awesome. all thats left to do is hang some stuff back up on the walls! i think im gonna take some of my hawaii pictures and blow them up/frame them. should be pretty kickass. too bad i only have like 6 more months to live in this amazing abode.

im loving this whole finally having money thing. i paid for my own gas today! not to mention senior week has been paid for in full, plus a concert and hopefully 5.25! which is rapidly approaching =D

hello 3 more months until graduation/senior week. thank you senior year for speeding by <3

Mon, Feb. 12th, 2007, 08:39 pm

im glad i keep missing celebrity sightings. the ONE TIME my dad went to the grocery store instead of me, and he sees kyle freaking korver. so yes i will now be spending my spare time at the grocery store. and of course at mo's and michaels because apparently colbert is there muchos. i love my life. 

sooo my room is almost done be painted! all thats left is the trim and thennnn i can set up my new bed and stop sleeping on the couch (although its quite comfy and my back hasnt hated me as much this week as usual) im quite psyched.

yea ok back to 184641694 lbs of bio hw/not doing my calc hw. hopefully we have off um....the rest of the week? yea thatd be nice thanks.

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